About Us

Sean (left) and Casey (right) - the Knotty team!
A truly local story, Knotty Pretzels started out in the minds and in the kitchen of two Atlanta natives.  Sean and Casey set out to create the perfect snack - a crunchy treat that not only accentuates the flavors of your favorite beers, but also gets your palate ready for the next round.

Starting out with a family recipe - Knotty Pretzels Zesty Italian - Sean and Casey hit the road with their culinary concoction, visiting beer festivals across the South, and learning that beer drinkers all over love to pair Knotty Pretzels with a flavorful beer of any sort, whether it's a hoppy IPA or a malty stout.  Since then, their lineup has expanded to include the spicy and delicious Hot Wings flavor and Knotty has earned its place as the Official Pretzel of Beer!

Come meet up with Sean and Casey at a craft beer festival near you, pop in to pick up a pack at the growler or bottle shop around the corner, or have a bag delivered right to your door.

Got your favorite brew?  Time to get Knotty!

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