Atlanta natives, Sean and Casey, grew up together with two things in common; wanting to own their own business and knowing their way around a kitchen. After graduating high school, these best friends put their minds to the test to create the ultimate snack food. A crunchy treat not just for the house, but for those who enjoy cold brews, festivals, and all the good things Atlanta has to offer. This is how the “Official Pretzel of Beer” was born.

Starting out with a family recipe Sean and Casey hit the road, with their one flavor Zesty Italian, and started to attend beer festivals across the South. Knotty pretzel fans encouraged new flavors that would pair well with their favorite brews which has lead to the discovery of three additional flavors; Hot Wings, Honey Mustard, and BBQ.

After years of traveling, attending events, and sleepless hours, Sean and Casey’s dream is now reality. Knotty Pretzels has expanded into the entire Southeast branch of Whole Foods Market, can be found in local craft beer breweries throughout Atlanta, with more exciting opportunities on the horizon.